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India ranks second after Chile according to a Bloomberg NEF Study

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February 20, 2020


- The Narendra Modi government in India has set an ambitious goal of reaching 175GW of clean energy generation by March 2022

- India ranks second after Chile according to a Bloomberg NEF Study

In a study conducted of over 80 indicators, such as clean energy policies, power sector structures, emissions and installed capacities, for 103 countries around the world, India has ranked 2nd in terms of investments and clean energy installations.

Renewable energy installations surpassed those by coal power plants for the first time in 2017

As quoted by Bloomberg NEF

Despite the impressive growth, coal is still a main source of energy production, contributing to three fourths of total production. Along with China, Indonesia, and South Africa, coal powered production plants account for 86% of coal fired plants currently under construction in developing nations.

Poor policies and uncertainties are also contributing to a reduction in solar capacity additions. Unless changes come swiftly, meeting India's targets will be unlikely.


Overall, stories such as Manik Jolly's GRID’s water solution are encouraging examples of how investments and positive policies on local levels can spur innovative solutions to global problems.

Sources: India is now a world leader in renewable energy. Here's how, The Surprising Solution To The Global Water Crisis: Solar Power

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