Our Solution

3-in-1 Solar Blinds

Solar Blinds
Energy Collected
Photovoltaic cells on our solar blinds collect energy from the sun throughout the day and transfer that energy directly into the home
Energy is Converted into Usable Power
Energy collected through Solar PV cells are converted into usable energy and distributed through out the home to power everyday appliances
Excess Energy is Sent Back to the Grid
Meters are set-up in the home to track the amount of excess energy sold and transferred back to the grid.
Smart Home Ready
Monitor and Control Blinds Through Smart Devices
Solar blinds will be compatible with smart home devices, and be controllable through mobile apps. Apps will measure energy produced throughout the day.

Why 3-in-1?

1. Solar Generator

Firstly, it acts as a solar generator, in which the energy generated can be used directly to power a home or office, power can be stored in the battery to use later or can be sold back to the grid via a two-way electricity meter. This will solve the problems families face when being affected by an unstable power supply or unstable power capacity and moves them to energy independence.

2. Temperature Moderation

Secondly, it acts as a curtain that reduces the internal temperature year round specifically in the summer and keeps it warm inside in winter. This also helps to reduce electricity consumption for air conditioning or heating.

3. Security

Lastly, it acts as a security measure for private homeowners, preventing access through the glass window, "Windows are the most fragile entry point to your home" Source.